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These spey rods are perfect for spey casting for trout sized fish. They are essentially switch rods designed to be cast two-handed for trout. Most are 2-5 weight and perfect for anglers that want to spey cast for trout on rivers with streamers. So, back to our original topic. Switch rods for Steelhead. Very good. If you have an 11’ switch rod with a 23’ head, like a Rio Scandi Short body or Skagit head with a 10’ chunk of t8 and a 3’ mono leader and you can get the line to lay out straight, it will fish 47’ out from your feet. 31/12/2013 · I singlehand Skagit/Spey this line/rod combo for casts 40ish feet and under. I go doublehanded when casting further than that, or when throwing larger, weighted flies. I have found that 200 grains on this rod is a bit heavy for "optimum" singlehand Skagit/Spey I do haul on these casts for me, especially for casts beyond 40ish feet. 16/09/2013 · Ed Ward casting SAS with a 9 foot singlehanded fly rod converted to doublehanded. Ed is using an OPST prototype line- be on the lookout for these revolutionary Pure Skagit Commando Head tapers, coming soon. Music by. Builder of fine two handed fly rods. Spey, Switch & Single Handed fly rods, large arbor reels and gear including skagit and scandi spey two handed fly lines. Since 1986. Vist our spey shop for prebuilt rods as well as blanks to build your own.

FLY RODS. Boron Advantage Winston Rod Features Winston Saltwater AIR Winston Freshwater AIR Winston PURE Boron III Plus Boron III TH Boron III Super 10 Boron III TH Microspey NIMBUS™ KAIROS™ Bamboo The Tom Morgan Favorite. The Trout Spey is light weight and dialed for far more than just two-hand swinging with Skagit and Scandi heads: Flick an emerger off the tip, mend a country mile of line with an indicator nymph rig, tight-line nymph, fish a dry fly hatch, and anything else you may find yourself needing in. We have the best selection of fly lines for Trout Spey and Switch Rods and we explain what fly lines are best for various switch rod fishing applications. We sell RIO Switch Lines, Outbound, Wulff Ambush, Skagit, Scandi, and more. Like all Winston rods, the Micro Spey blanks are finished in a beautiful emerald green with matching green wraps over TiCH finished stripper guides and chrome snake guides. Winston hand writes the serial number on each section, which is handy to know which section goes with which rod, should you own other Winston TH micro spey rods. Spey rod review. Spey rod shootout. Whatever. Consider this a Spey rod review in a shootout fashion that has taken place over years. I only recommend Spey rods or two handed rods that I have owned, cast, fished or have heard very good reviews myself.

These micro Spey rods and lines are perfectly suited for just about any sized trout. They are shorter than traditional Spey rods. Usually, no longer than 11′-6″’ they come in weights from 2 to 5. Line manufacturers are making shorter and lighter Skagit and Scandi lines that pair seamlessly these mini Spey rods. echo fly fishing is a product of rajeff sports. 05/01/2018 · So, I am thinking about building a trout switch/micro Spey rod. I am not married to the notion of either glass or graphite, but since I build my own glass rods, a longer graphite should weigh less than a similar length glass rod. Anyway, what I envision is something in 3. 6. R.L. Winston TH Micro Spey 11’6” 5-weight $850.00 For those who appreciate a softer action, the R.L. Winston Micro Spey 11’6” 5-weight rod oozes soul and is overflowing with feel. It is definitely not the most powerful rod in the test, and struggled when casting directly into the wind or when trying to throw.

17/12/2015 · If one of your goals is to keep your spey skills honed, consider getting a micro "spey", rather than a "switch" - a little longer rod, like a 12' 3wt - just a passing thought. I have a 13' 4wt that casts a 305gr scandi head, and wow is that a fun rod to catch smaller fish on the swing. Skagit Spey Rods 7'9" MICRO skagit. Skagit Spey Rods. 604 Views · January 22, 2017. 0:10. More R & D with Darrel Donarski. Skagit Spey Rods. 233 Views · December 6, 2016. 0:10. Micro Spey R&D. Skagit Spey Rods. 171 Views · December 6, 2016. 0:05. Skagit Spey Rod's Darrel Donarski testing Micro Speys on some westside mountain streams. Trout Spey tackle which spans from the 4 and 5 weight Switch Rod Theater down thru the 2 and 3 weight true Trout Spey rods set the stage for some mighty interesting angling adventures. In these pursuits like its bigger cousin Spey Rods, lines are aplenty and with it, a.

  1. Here is the 2015-16 Spey rod lineup at Headhunters for those interested in casting and fishing with two-hands. With the introduction of micro-spey rods in the last couple of years, we definitely are seeing a switch in both what we carry and what customer want.
  2. NEW 2015 SpeyCo 3.25 Mirco spey reel is now in the line up. Swinging big streamers for trout in nothing new, but the tools for the job are changing. Where in the past 6/7 wt singled handed rods where used today anglers are utilizing underhand casts, short fat shooting heads, and 11.6 foot 3 or 4 wt double handed rods.

New to Headhunters this season are Gary Anderson Custom Rods ACR, from the Rogue River country in Oregon. While his name may not be familiar in Montana trout circles, Gary Anderson is widely known in the west coast spey community. His rods are used by some of the best two-handed casters in the sport, including our own Whitney Gould. Page 1 of 2 - 11ft Micro-spey - posted in Midwest Custom Fly Rods showcase: An 11 3/4wt Micro-spey all finished up for an Atlantic salmon angler in Scotland. Spey Line: Rio Scandi Switch Line Skagit Max ShortSwitch Chucker Slick Shooter ConnectCore MS 3106-4 270 Gr. N/A 275 Gr. N/A 35lb 20lb MS 4110-4 300 Gr. N/A 325 Gr. 4 - 325 Gr. 35lb 20lb MS 5115-4 330 Gr. 4/5F - 375 Gr. 375 Gr. 5 - 370 Gr. 35lb 20lb Royal Wulff Fly Lines Application. Sage Fly Rods builds fantastic switch and spey rods designed specifically for fishing rivers. This is a great selection of rods and you will also fine line recommendations on many of these pages. Switch RodsSwitch rods can also be considered short spey or compact spey rods. Some are lightweight and useful for spey casting for trout. Others are stout and more appropriate for steelhead. Switch rods in the 2-5 weight range are typically used for trout, 6-8 weights are most often used to target steelhead.

I have only dabbled with trout spey, but it is something I'm seriously interested in adding to my quiver in the future. I have spent a good bit of time with the crew at Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig, and they really like their 3- and 4-weight trout spey rods to be in the 11 foot range. The rise in popularity of Spey rods for big fish in big rivers over the last decade demonstrated a two-handed rod will cast where there’s little room for a proper backcast, into distant seams where a drag-free drift would be impossible with a regular fly-fishing rod.

Rods. Trout Streamer Sea-Trout Steelhead/Salmon Single Hand Spey Two-Hand Saltwater Blanks Gear. Farlex Fly Reels Hardy Fly Reels Hatch Fly Reels Fly lines. CF Burkheimer. Micro spey rods are becoming increasingly popular, and for very good reasons. Imagine swinging soft hackles to trout on your favorite trout stream close to home. These micro spey rods are light and nimble, but they allow anglers to reach across the river with ease.

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